Wiffle Ball Spider Fine-Motor Activity

Published September 4, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Here's a fun fine-motor activity that's great for all ages. I attached wiffle balls to a plastic bottle and provided lots of tie wraps to insert through. They look like spider legs to me and my clients loved the idea of making "spiders".
I punched holes all over the bottle to insert the removed tie wraps and cut an opening on the bottom of the bottle to make removing them easy. My client shown in the video chose to insert the tie wraps into the top of the bottle. You may choose to keep the cover on if you want the greater challenge of inserting them through holes. Make smaller holes for greater challenge!

1) attach more balls to make the activity last longer
2) Children or clients may choose to make the "spider legs" all the same color.
3) Insert a motorized toothbrush inside the bottle to make the spider shake.
4) Use a larger bottle or attach the wiffle balls to a wall so that materials are at eye level. This will promote visual attention and upright posture.

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