Students Surprise Teacher Who Walks 5 Miles To School Everyday

Published September 4, 2019 119,168 Views $14.26 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleIn this video, it can be seen that the students of science teacher Cesar Punzalan, who works at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in the Philippines, show their appreciation by surprising him with a special gift. The amazing science teacher was very clueless about his students' surprise gift. When he entered the classroom, he went about his normal routine of going to the front of the class to sit at the teacher's table. But before he can start his class, a student called his attention and said that they as a class have a gift for him. The students started cheering at this point. Some even started singing happy birthday. Mr. Punzalan was at first hesitant to open the box. He first scanned the faces of his students in order to see if they were just kidding around. He realized that they were not kidding. He then started opening the box that contained his gift. He kept on asking what was in the box while trying to open the box. But Mr. Punzalan had a bit of trouble opening the box since it was tightly bound by a rope. A student then offered him a pair of scissors while jokingly saying that the purpose of the scissors is for a sort of ribbon cutting ceremony. He accepted the scissors and opened the box using it. But before he opened the box, his student made him guess what was inside it. Some of the students humorously helped him in guessing the contents of the box by saying that it contained either a bag, snake, house and lot, or money in the amount of 1 million pesos.

After Mr. Punzalan opened the box, it was revealed that it contained a pair of shoes. All of his students contributed in buying the shoes. Cesar Punzalan was a bit saddened that his students spent money just to buy him the shoes, but he was still very grateful for the gift. His students then said that the gift they gave was not even enough to show just how grateful they are to him. Mr. Punzalan has helped his students since they were still in the ninth grade. Mr. Punzalan then said to his students that he did not expect to receive anything from his students just because he taught them. He was already happy that he was able to impart his knowledge to his students.

The students of science teacher Cesar Punzalan are very appreciative towards him since he is so devoted and dedicated to his profession as a science teacher. Proof of this devotion and dedication can be readily seen through his act of walking a staggering five miles every day just to be able to teach his students at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in the Philippines.