Kitty toilet trains herself, totally surprises her family

Published September 3, 2019 4,910 Views $6.16 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensGrimmy is a one and one half year old amazing house kitty from Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. Now some cats are pretty smart, and some owners claim their cats are the smartest around. Grim as her owner Tammy calls her really showed them all just how intelligent and amazing she was one day. As a young kitten and new to the family, Grim always followed her new human family into the washroom. Over time Tammy and her family began hearing sounds of running water coming from the washroom, although none of the family members were in the washroom and there were no leaky taps. Trying to see what was actually making that noise, they were noticing Grimmy always seemed to be coming out of the washroom as they were walking that direction to find out what was causing the running water noises. Grim was always too sneaky and would hear the family members coming.

Then one day Tammy was quiet enough and sleek enough to catch just what was causing the running water sounds in the washroom. Having her camera ready and on record, Grimmy was caught in action. Grimmy had taught herself, somehow, to use the toilet for doing her business. Tammy mentioned that neither her nor any other family member had taught Grim to use the toilet. House cats can be taught how to use the toilet in order to save on some and the mess that comes along with litter boxes. It seems Grim was just an amazing cat and taught herself. She is definitely an observant pet with this incredible feat she accomplished all on her own. Tammy mentioned it sure does make it nice that Grim uses the toilet just like everyone else in the house, and it saves having to clean a litter box on a daily schedule. Other than just being another one of those chores with having pets, a kitty litter box is not generally hazardous to ones health. Grim and her highly appreciated skill is very welcomed by Tammy and her family. I am sure many cat owners are now wishing their furry friends had this skill.