Loving mother cow plays with newborn calf, then nursers her

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIris is a seasoned mother who has given birth to several calves during her ten years on this beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario. It is a wonderful place for the cows, consisting of acres and acres of lush, green meadow, ponds full of fresh water, and rolling hills beside forest. The cows wander freely, grazing happily in the open air and sunshine. Herd health and happiness is as important here as anything else. The farmers refuse to produce veal and they take care of their animals well, keeping a watchful eye on them from their house on the hill. It is life as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle creatures.

"Socks" was born on a warm, spring day, coming into the world smoothly. Iris, a loving mother licked him and cleaned him while she patiently waited for him to get up onto his wobbly legs. Calves need to walk almost immediately to help stay with the herd and avoid predators. Iris and the other cows protect their young, but there is also a large bull named Gus, Socks' father, and he is always watching protectively as well.

On this sunny afternoon, Socks is seriously interested in playing and running. He tries to engage his mother in a game of push and shove. She is intent on grazing and building up her milk supply, but she lowers her head and gently gives Socks some fun time. Socks stretches out his new legs as he runs in a few circles around Iris. As an older calf approaches, Socks tries to get her to play with him, but this is leading him too far from his mother and he gives up on the idea of playing with his friend.

Eventually, Socks decides he has worked up an appetite, or a thirst, and he finds time for a drink of milk from his mother. Cows are beautiful and gentle animals that respond well to kindness and even affection. These cows are very accustomed to the farmers in their meadow and they don't mind somebody standing quietly nearby with a camera. Some of them will even approach people they know, hoping for a head scratch or a handful of corn.

There are few animals as adorable as newborn calves, especially when they try to run and play on their clumsy legs on a green pasture.

With people taking more time to learn about how their food is produced, many questions and opinions have been voiced about how animals are treated on farms. Ethical farms, such as this one, are easy to find almost everywhere. With a little research, it is not difficult to support those farmers who are doing things right. Although ethical meat and dairy can cost a little more, it is the preferred choice for more people now than ever.