Fire Races Toward Arborist While Working From Top Of Palm Tree

Published September 3, 2019 3,608 Plays $0.68 earned

Rumble / CompilationsThose who have either endured or watched racing, out of control fires will tell you that it was the absolute scariest time of their lives. The man depicted in this video, who is also the person who filmed and posted the video, encounters a situation in this video that would petrify almost anyone. When the video begins, viewers can see from the perspective of the arborist as he films himself working on a palm tree. His job was to climb the tree and remove a part of the tree that had died and become a hazard. The men and women who perform these jobs are unbelievably skilled, and they are used to facing dangerous situations literally every single day. This day was no different for our arborist in this video.

The first view is of the looming tree that towers high into the sky. The arborist begins by scaling the tree all the way to the top. Once he reaches the height of the tree, he performs his next job by removing a few smaller palm leaves from the top of the tree. A few seconds later, viewers see the arborist crank up the chainsaw to remove the first section of the trunk. The problem with using machinery like this is the fact that it can be insanely risky. If a chainsaw like the one in this video is used on an especially hot day, and it is used on dried woods that can easily be used as kindling to start up a significant fire, the risk of dangerous fire hazards multiplies exponentially. This is exactly what happened to the man in this video when his chainsaw somehow sparked the dried pieces of the tree to form a raging fire that took over the entire tree in a very short period of time. This literally happens within seconds through the video. It is incredible to see how fast the fire spreads, and it is certainly nerve wracking to watch as this man has to try to escape the engulfing flames.

The man explains his point of view of what happened in the following quote: "I am a Certified Arborist in Garonne, France. While I was in a palm tree, the chainsaw probably made some sparks that started a fire on a log I was removing. The situation started to escalate when my chainsaw caught on fire. The scene started to degenerate dangerously after I removed the fire from my saw, which fell down and bounced at the base of the tree, caught fire, and came up at me in no time."