Manipulating CD Holder Develops Fine-Motor Skills

Published September 2, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble I often find therapeutic objects on the street while cycling around town. I had no idea what this object was but I liked how the moving parts swung to each side and it was tall enough to require reaching. I cleaned it up and found a stack of old CDs in sleeves at work. An individual at my program already enjoyed putting the CD in the sleeves. Now I had the holder to add to his sequence. The sleeves are nice and colorful, making the finished product rather interesting to look at!

This activity works on:
1) Sequencing CDs into the sleeves and then the sleeves into the holder
2) Manipulation skills to insert the CDs into sleeves and then the sleeves into the holder.
3) Visual attention
4)Reaching up high promotes an upright posture.

I love how this is such a functional task that anyone might need to do at home!

An optional adaptation: Cover the CDs with colors to match the CD sleeves. Then clients can work on color matching.

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