Make Matching Picture Activities from Magnetic Puzzles Pieces

Published September 2, 2019 19 Views

Rumble Here's a great way to use the magnetic puzzle pieces from incomplete puzzles you thought of throwing away! Simply photograph each puzzle piece and print onto a sheet. I fit 6 pieces per page. It’s nice and easy to print more sheets when they get ripped, dirty or lost.....
You can photograph any magnetic picture, words or other flat materials to make similar matching activities. In the video you will see a client matching the month cards used during orientation onto the sheet I made. She obviously enjoyed doing this and it added a different component to orientation.
This activity works on skills to:
1) Use hands together as one hand stabilizes the paper and the other hand places the magnetic pictures.
2) Photo, picture or word identification and matching
3) Language skills as you talk about the pictures or words
4) Visual attention because the materials are right there in front of the person's face.
5) Visual scanning to find the pictures that go on each sheet

In the last photo you see the finished product of matching photos of coins to sheets of several coin pictures. This client has good picture matching skills and likes repetitive tasks. He found this relaxing. Some individuals may have the cognitive abilities to identify the coin values or add up the money amounts on each sheet.

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