Attractive Summer Beach In Ras El Bar

Published August 29, 2019

Rumble Attractive Summer Beach In Ras El Bar , Ras El Bar translates to "head of land" in the Arabic language. Today's resort is located at the Mediterranean Sea, exactly at the mouth of Damietta River in northeast Egypt. The permanent residents' number amounts approximately to 25,000 permanent residents in the city. However, this number always witness an increase during the summer peak holiday season, that is from July to September, when the population literally expands to over 250,000.

Speaking of the miraculous experience you will only find in Ras El Bar, get ready to dazzle you eyes with the scenic view of "Lessan" located in the extreme northern part of this peninsula, which literally means this no blending point where the Damietta Nile arm flows in the Mediterranean Sea. This place was mentioned in the Quran for three times only to stress out the mighty power of god that made both river and sea meet with a separator that can never be seen and stops them from blending.

For a moment tourists may think this resort as a natural reserve when they see a range of underwater creatures such as the friendly dolphins visiting Ras El Bar shores. The gorgeous isle beauty does not stop here; if you are much of a birder you can visit El Manzala Lake where you can spot many kinds of wild birds during summer season. Ras El Bar is also a transit point for many migrating birds during the fall season, especially the flocks that come from Europe in her journey to South Africa.