Overwhelmed Dogs Squeal In Happiness Upon Owner's Return

4 years ago

After having shared a life complete of affection and love with their owner, canines would never forget that person who was with them since puppies. Yes, that is right, dogs have memory and they know perfectly who are the people they love despite the distance and having several months without seeing them, even years. The smell for them is something that helps them to memorize and the simple presence of that person alarms their tail to show us that they are happy to see us, unbelievable!

Many are the cases of soldiers who, apart from leaving their families for their duties, also leave their pets at home with the illusion that they will never be forgotten until the day they return home. This soldier in the video after months of absence is returning home from deployment, very happy and share with his family, also with many anxieties to see his dogs again, which has grown these last months without his company.

Minutes before the man entered through the door, the dogs already sensed that something important was coming, because they are able to predict events only by observing the behavior of the people around them.

The dog's tail does not stop moving and in surprise the door opens, the emotion is so much that the dogs throw themselves to the arms of its owner, while the woman captures the moment and does not stop laughing for the reaction of her dog. Everyone is so happy; the dogs in desperation and joy do not want to separate from the owner as if to say: we missed you! we missed you so much! we are glad to see you!

These images are so gratifying and encouraging; once again we are witnesses of the infinite love that pets can feel for the beings they love. Let's never think that they do not realize anything, or that sooner or later they will forget us, that would not happen, they are faithful friends and will always be with us.

There are cases in which pitifully the pets have lost a relative and the pain invades them, they can fall into depression and remain in the tomb of their owners, they have feelings just like humans. It could be said that many pets are even more human than us because they have more kindness and love in their hearts than many humans.

We are glad that the world is full of these beautiful beings that only make our lives happy every day. Even if you do not have pets, you will always find one on the street that will bring out a smile and show that nature and the beings that inhabit it is the most beautiful thing that exists.

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