Calf takes his first wobbly steps while mom looks on

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCharlotte is a new mother cow who has just given birth to her first ever little bundle of joy. She lives on a beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario. The farmers here are committed to treating the animals in the best manner possible. They refuse to raise veal for ethical reasons, and they place herd health and happiness ahead of profit. The cows roam free over rolling acres of meadow. They have forested areas, lush, green grass and wildflowers, and ponds full of fresh water to drink. The calves enjoy running and playing in the sunshine alongside their mothers. There is even a large bull named Gus who wanders among the herd, keeping a protective watch over all of the others. The farmers keep a close eye on things from their farmhouse atop the hill and everything here runs smoothly. Life for these beautiful creatures is as close to what nature intended.

Charlotte has chosen a quiet spot up on a hill, away from the rest of the herd, and she lay down near the forest to deliver her baby. Gordie is a very robust calf who looks just like his father, Gus. Gus is a 2,000 pound black bull who is a proud father of all the calves born here.

Gordie lay in the grass while Charlotte licked and cleaned him. This is an important part of the bonding process, as well as an important step in getting Gordie cleaned and free of blood and afterbirth that would attract predators and insects. While she is working away at this, Linda, a seasoned mother who has had several few calves of her own comes over to check Gordie. She is curious about the little fellow and she also seems to be giving Charlotte her approval as she inspects him and then grazes nearby.

Gordie eventually gets to his feet and takes his first wobbly steps, a heart warming moment to see. He stretches adorably and then makes his way around Charlotte. Eventually, Gordie will nurse and get milk and antibodies from his mother. He needs to grow strong quickly to keep up with the others.

Ethical farms like these are not hard to find. Supporting farmers who do things right is an easy choice, and although it costs a little more to buy from these farms, it ensures that the animals get the treatment that they deserve.