Magnificent Clydesdales groom each other in the meadow

Published August 24, 2019 176 Plays $10.24 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsClydesdales are among the biggest and most powerful of all the horses. They are magnificent and a wonder to behold. And yet, despite their great power, they are a gentle breed that socialize well with other horses as well as with humans. On this warm, summer afternoon, Samson and Belle engage in some grooming behavior. With their teeth, they nibble the fur of the other horse, using their mouth as a "brush". This helps remove dirt and hair that is shedding and it helps the horses build trust and mutual respect. It is an act of caring, similar to our own inter-social touching behaviors.

These horses are actually part of an amazing farm that provides support to people who have experienced trauma in their lives. People go to this farm to learn about leadership and personal growth, but also to find ways of healing and moving forward after troubling experiences. Horses are very beneficial in the process of learning about trust and personal boundaries, and even just spending time in their presence can promote healing. The Mane Intent in Indian River, near Peterborough, Ontario, is apart of a growing movement that pairs people and horses for beneficial experiences.