Newborn spring calves have the zoomies in the meadow

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThese calves are as happy as can be, and with good reason. They are living the good life on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. The cows have lush green pastures for grazing, ponds full of fresh water, and forest beside their meadows. They can wander freely over a vast expanse of rolling hills. The farmers keep a close watch over their heard from the farmhouse on the hill. This is an ethical farm where herd health and happiness is every bit as important as profit. It's life as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle creatures.
These calves are only a few days old and they are testing out their legs on a warm, spring day. They will nurse from their mothers for several months, starting to eat grass as the summer progresses. There are about 45 cows here and 25 calves, allowing for lots of opportunity to play and gain strength. The calves spend most of their day nursing, sleeping, exploring, or chasing each other over the hills.
These calves will be building their strength learning from their herd for over a year. During the summer, they will also be joined by a very large, black bull named Gus. He wanders these pastures too, and there is nothing big enough or strong enough to threaten these cows or their babies while he is on duty. Bulls are second only to a bull moose in terms of massiveness, and any farmer will tell you that they are powerful animals. These calves will grow rapidly in the days ahead.
Farms like these are not hard to find in Canada. For those to choose to eat meat, supporting an ethical farm only makes sense. It costs a little more to do this right, but removing cruelty from food production is well worth the extra cost.

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