Music of Buddhist ceremony for parent in Vietnam

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Rumble Buddhist ceremony for parent in Vietnam

One of Buddhist ceremony in Vietnam in this video the people in Bac Giang was called ''VU LAN'' through the instruction of the Sangha.
Buddhist monks traditionally were called upon to perform a number of functions in Vietnam life. They participated in all formal village festivals, ceremonies, marriages, and funerals. They also might have participated in ceremonies to name infants and in other minor ceremonies or rites of passage. Monks did not lead the ceremonies, however, because that role was given to the achar, or master of ceremonies; the monk's major function was to say prayers of blessing. They were often healers and, in traditional culture, they were the practitioners whose role was closest to that of modern psychiatrists. They might also have been skilled in astrology. The monk traditionally occupied a unique position in the transmission of culture and values. By his way of life, he provided a living model of the most meritorious behavior a Buddhist could follow. He also provided the laity with many opportunities for gaining merit. For centuries monks were the only literate people residing in rural communities; they acted as teachers to temple servants, to novices, and to newly ordained monks.
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