Man Shares Corn On The Cob With His Dog

Published August 21, 2019 2,110 Plays $22.54 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever thought that dogs and people could work perfectly in team? Regardless of your response, you will surely love watching this fun video. Everyone likes food, regardless of whether you are a dog or a human being, so there is always something that unites us all, and that could be the taste for food, or in this case, the taste for cobs of corn. The truth is that this man and his dog have managed to work as a team and in great coordination to eat a corn cob together, which will be very nutritious for both. This is too lovely!

This man has been responsible for gaining the trust and friendship of his adorable and intelligent Golden Retriever dog named Gunner, so that both can work in teams and in excellent coordination. In the video you can see how this man knows how to share a corncob with his smart dog Gunner, and you can see how they both enjoy a lot while devouring each corn on their way. The man knows that he must constantly turn the corncob to eat it completely, so Gunner never stops, he knows that he must continue eating, as if it were a competition to know who loves corn cobs the most. This man and this dog work very well in team!

The Golden Retriever are one of the most popular dog breeds today, especially when it comes to young families, since most young people always want to have a dog as a pet, and the Golden Retrievers have always been quite attractive to these people. The truth is that these dogs turn out to be quite intelligent and affectionate, which allows them to gain confidence very easily in the home and obtain the love and respect of all. A good example is to see how this man and Gunner have become best friends, since they can even work in a team without any problem.

Corn is a very nutritious food for people and dogs, so it is always present in many food recipes, although some prefer to eat corn directly from the corncob, as they become more interesting and delicious. Because corn is quite nutritious and has a series of good vitamins for the proper functioning of the body, there is no problem in dogs eating it, especially if they are dogs that know how corn cobs work, as is the case with Gunner.

Most dogs adore corn cobs, since for dogs strong flavors are always quite attractive, however, it seems that Gunner is a true fan of corn cobs, since he can eat very fluently in the company of your owner. Knowing this, it is important that we know what are the good and bad foods for dogs, since we must always take care of them and worry about their health, in this case the corn does not represent any danger, only small precautions should be taken. Gunner is a dog that feels a lot of love for corn cobs!