Wine Bottle Copper String Lights Review

Published August 19, 2019 78 Views

Rumble Instant decor in a $10 package

I love copper wire lights - they look great and have a nice soft 'feel' to them. They are usually weatherproof (not sure if these are but I assume so), and because they are copper wire they are formable if you need to form them into shapes. I like that these wires are attached to a 'cork' so you can put them into a bottle without an obtrusive battery pack. I don't like how fake and plasticky the cork looks, but that's a minor complaint for $1 per light.

The batteries seem easy enough to replace - my biggest 'wish list' item would be for some sort of timing feature like an auto-off or something. I can easily see turning this on - or the kids turning them on - leaving them on and running the batteries down quicker than intended.

Overall, these work great! Have a great look that will fit multiple holidays and multiple decor styles.

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