Exclusive UFO footage shows pilots chased by circular object

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Rumble / Weird MysteriesAstoria, New York - UFO footage shows pilots chased by circular object. Witnesses sees something strange in the air after a hard day's work. The witnesses believe that this aircraft is being chased. The object is described as a circular object. Suddenly it makes a spontaneous 90 degree barrier.

What are UFOs?

As soon as you know what this UFO is, it is no longer a UFO.

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object - an unidentified flying object. The term UFO is therefore inherent in that you do not know what it is. As soon as you see something move in the sky and you have no idea what it could be, you have a UFO. But often with a little research, you can find out what you have seen. Then it's no longer a UFO, but an IFO.

The UFO craze emerged in the middle of the last century when fighter pilot Kenneth Arnold saw disk-shaped objects moving in the sky. Since that time, perhaps hundreds of thousands of UFO reports have been made by people from all over the world. Many reports were collected by military organizations and security services such as the CIA because they could not be excluded that they could be unknown hostile weapons. There are even reports of crashed UFOs (the famous Roswell incident in New Mexico is the best-known example) with aliens on board (that has never been proven).

In practice, it appears that most UFO reports can be traced fairly quickly to a known atmospheric or astronomical phenomenon. Airplanes, satellites, clear meteors, Thai wishing balloons, weird clouds, halos, sunsets, the planet Venus, the international space station ISS, hot air balloons, weather balloons, birds - they have all been countless times labeled as UFO or (when the observer is a hoaxer) an alien spaceship.

Of course, many UFO sightings have never been clarified. Some of these are undoubtedly invented reports and jokes, but a few percents of all UFO reports remain puzzling.

However, there is no convincing evidence or evidence for the hypothesis that our planet has been visited by alien spacecraft with intelligent creatures on board.