Bill Maher SLAMS BDS Movement And Those Who Support It

Published August 17, 2019 154 Plays $0.14 earned

Rumble “BDS is a bullshit purity test by people who want to appear woke but actually slept through history class,” he said, to both cheers and jeer. “It’s predicated on this notion, I think, it’s very shallow thinking that the Jews in Israel, mostly white, and the Palestinians are browner, so they must be innocent and correct, and the Jews must be wrong. As if the occupation came right out of the blue, that this completely peaceful people found themselves occupied.”

“Let me read one of the cofounders of the [BDS] movement, Omar Barghouti. His quote: “No rational Palestinian would ever accept a Jewish state in Palestine.’ So that’s where that comes from, this movement. Someone who doesn’t even want a Jewish state at all. Somehow, this side never gets presented in the American media.”

Maher’s quote above comes from a longer video where Barghouti offers more context about his thoughts on Israel and Palestine. And contrary to Maher’s claim, the mainstream US press routinely covers the BDS movement, including this critical New York Times look at its rhetoric and motivations from just two weeks ago. And that same Barghouti quote appeared in an anti-BDS op-ed in the New York Times in January 2018.