Retiring Police Officer Goes 'Footloose' For Final Sign-Off

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Rumble / Caught DancingEvery job has its downs and ups. You can love it, you can hate it, but you can always try and change it for the better.
After long years of subjugation in their field, people tend to celebrate their retirement, which notably applies to the brave defenders of the law and order.

Even though you finally get to enjoy and relax life to the fullest, this is both a sad and a happy moment since after decades of appointment, a big part of your life is developing and you have to say your goodbyes to people who have been more than coworkers.

Signing off for the last time is a rite of passage for retiring law enforcement officers. For many, it is an emotional time to reflect on all that has happened throughout their careers and involves the people who are closest to them.
Most include a little extra during their final sign-off, but usually, it is a few extra words for this officer, the final good-bye featured more than just words.

This heartwarming clip shows Decatur Police Department Officer Cory Barrows finishing his last day on the job before retirement. He announced his final Code 3, which means signing off and went out in style while signing off his radio for the final time on August 6. Kept it lighthearted by adding his signature song into the mix.

The video was shared on the Decatur Police Department Facebook page. In it, retiring officer Cory Barrows is shown using his radio to sign off for the final time, saying 'It has been an honor and a privilege.'

'Thank you for your service,' the dispatcher replies.

Barrows then says to the camera, "but first I am going to cut loose," and is shown dancing to the 1984 song "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins. After a moment, he threw his arms in the air and shouted, “I am done!”

Lisa Simpson-Barrows wife of corybarrows wrote in the video clip's caption. 'I think I cried more than he did!

'Not sure if it is because he is leaving a job that he loved with all his heart, that I know he is going to miss so very much, or the fact that I am now stuck with him 24-7! It has been a numerous journey for thirty years, but now he is ‘Footloose’!'

The video highlighting Barrow’s good sense of humor has since been picked up by multiple outlets and shared around the world.

It was originally posted by his wife, Lisa Simpson-Barrows, on Tuesday and had more than 35,000 views as of Wednesday afternoon.

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