Diver follows beautiful and mysterious white eel hunting at night

Published August 15, 2019 4,505 Views $9.05 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe ocean in Fiji is home to many bizarre and beautiful creatures. This eel is one of them. Almost three feet long, it swims graceful over the coral as it hunts for fish, crabs, and even small octopus that it feeds on. It has very poor eyesight, but it makes up for it with a keen sense of smell that can detect food hiding within the coral and rocks. Agile and quick, it can turn without warning, and its slender head can fit into the tiniest of hiding spots to seize prey.

This scuba diver was swimming along the reef in Fiji at night when he came across this nocturnal hunter. Initially thinking it was a sea snake, he was wary and reluctant to approach. Sea snakes are highly venomous and very defensive, making them something to steer clear of. But as the eel returned and gave him a closer look, he was able to recognize the fins and the distinct head shape that made it clear that the creature was a harmless eel.

Eels are intelligent animals and although they can inflict a nasty bit, if provoked, they are rarely a threat to humans. Their poor eyesight makes it possible for them to confuse a diver's hand or leg with a fish, but such incidents are rare and most injuries have occurred due to poor judgement on the part of the divers.

Eels play a crucial role in the delicate food chain that keeps our oceans healthy. They are an important food source for larger creatures such as sea lions, sharks and other large fish. Even humans consume a large quantity of eel meat.

Besides being important ecologically, they are fascinating to encounter while exploring the depths of the oceans.