Mother cow warns cameraman to stay away from her newborn calf

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Boots is an adorable little calf who was born on a warm, spring morning on this gorgeous farm in Millbrook, Ontario. His mother, Caramel, is a new mother who is understandably protective of her little bundle of joy. Boots is her first calf and she doesn't let him wander too far from her side. She watches over him as she grazes, always ready to protect him. It's in her nature to be watchful of predators, even though this farm is fenced to keep them out. Cows are also wary of other calves and other cows getting too close, in order to prevent their offspring from being harmed unintentionally. As they grow, the mother will often share babysitting duty with other mothers, allowing them all a little time to relax and sleep while their own babies enjoy the protection of the herd. But until this calf is a little bigger, Caramel takes her job seriously.

Underestimating Caramel's protective side, this animal lover and videographer was filming boots as he snoozed in the sun. He's such an adorable little calf that it was all too tempting to venture closer and closer. Caramel watched without protest and everything seemed to be going well. The cameraman could see that Caramel was staring intently though and he kneeled down to be less threatening. He even held out his hand to invite Caramel to approach and have a sniff. Surely, she would see this all as behavior that she could trust.

Caramel walked closer and sniffed. But she apparently didn't like the whole situation at all. She lowered her head, snorted abruptly and squared off as if ready to charge. She lunged forward quickly and stopped. This is an undeniable warning that it is time to leave the area.

The cameraman is no expert on cow behavior, but he recognized this as a warning, moving back immediately. Another cow, sensing the disturbance and change in her mood, came over to see what was happening and Caramel swung her head in a clear message that nobody was getting close to her calf.

Although this ended well, the obvious message here is that cows are large and powerful animals and that getting close to them or their offspring comes with risks. Caramel's love for her baby is impressive and her desire to keep him safe is commendable. There will be no close up videos of Boots until he is a little older and Caramel is a little more trusting.

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