Extremely Talented Tumblers Flip Over Three Vehicles

4 years ago

Jumping is big part of most sports. Basketball, volleyball, high jump long, gymnastics and many more sports require an athlete to jump. If an athlete does not jump then he or she risks not winning the sports event or he or she might be disqualified. But the act of jumping is not limited to recognized sports activity such as those mentioned above. There are other new sports that require jumping. Some of these sports are even more daring than the recognized sports. One example of such sport is flipping over cars.

Currently, the act of flipping over cars is not a widely recognize sport. This unrecognized sport is not an easy thing to do. You need to have the skill and determination to jump really high. If you do not have the determination, then you would most probably not have enough reason to train to the best of your ability. You also need to be very brave to be able to tumble over cars. You need to be brave since you need to conquer your fear of being injured if ever you perform a failed jump. The injury sustained in this type of sport is most probably not an injury you can ignore.

We can usually see the act of flipping over cars in action movies. But in these movies, the ones who usually perform such daredevil act of flipping over cars are the stuntmen. The stuntmen risk their lives so that the viewers will have a more authentic experience of an action movie. We can also usually just see the act of flipping over cars being done by daredevils who are looking for an adrenaline rush. They just feel more alive after experiencing the adrenaline rush. Fortunately, we can see such daredevils through this video.

In this video, we can see two extremely talented tumblers named Thomas Jackson (TJTheHighflyer) and Zavell Perry (zavelly26) flip over three cars. At the start of the video, the spectators count down from four then three then two and lastly one. At the point the spectators yelled one, the talented tumblers then started running towards the three cars. The three cars were parked next to each other in a parallel way in a parking lot. Before the two daredevils flipped over the first car, one of the spectators yelled something that would boost their morale. When the tumblers were near the first car, they then flipped over it. But they just did not flip over one car, instead they flipped over the three cars with just a single jump. This just shows that the two jumpers really have the talent to tumble really high.

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