Навигатор в сферу трёх пространств

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7 август 2019 год
Данная экскурсия по навигационным золотистым лучам входа и выхода в сферу трёх пространств. Пространств, различающихся по некоторым событиям во всех сферах жизнедеятельности человека.

Navigator into the sphere of three spaces
2019 year august month. This tour of the golden navigation rays of entry and exit into the sphere of three spaces. Spaces that differ in some events in all spheres of human activity. For my friends on the same frequency, who are in the topic of seeing these transitions, and especially for the even circle, the recommendation is not to stand at the intersection above 2 minutes. When the golden ray goes into heaven, from that place only continue moving on an airplane or use an android.

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