Students Challenge Teacher To Rap Battle, And She Delivers!

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsThe most memorable moments in a student’s educational career are not always the times when they mastered some difficult Algebraic equation or finally wrote the perfect formal writing paragraph for an essay. Sometimes, these moments come in many different forms, and more often than not, the times students remember most fondly are the times when their teacher made a personal connection with them.

In our world of testing that has taken over so many aspects of our educational system, the little things that used to be important can sometimes be pushed to the side. However, countless studies have shown that children actually do learn better when their learning is paired with something they find fun and entertaining, or when their learning is combined with some kind of personal connection to another person, the world as a whole, or their teacher.

The teacher in this video seems to have mastered the concept of connecting with her students. This teacher is DaShuane Hawkins. She teaches in Michigan. Her students have challenged her to a rap battle, which is something that most teachers probably could not successfully participate in without feeling like they would embarrass themselves for not having this impressive, lyrical gift. However, Mrs. Hawkins has absolutely no problem letting out some very catchy and clever bars to impress her group of curious and adorable group of sweet children. If you listen closely, you will find that Mrs. Hawkins’ lyrics are not randomly thrown together; she truly has a gift for this most sought after artistic medium.

As their teacher delivers her lyrics, the students are all standing around her. You can see the intrigue on their faces as they watch this wonderful teacher connect with them in a way that most of them, if not all of them, have probably never seen or experienced before. The most beautiful part of this entire experience for this class is going to be what comes after this interaction. Most likely, this group of students will be much more excited to come to this class. They will be invested in their learning, because they know that their teacher is invested in them.

This country has teachers all over who engage their students in so many different and creative ways. Always remember to be thankful for those people who are the center of our education system who try every day to make learning meaningful and personal for every child they see.


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