Extremely Sleepy Dog Struggles To Stay Awake

Published August 13, 2019 15,383 Views $6.42 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSometimes we just need to take a nap, and on the rare occasion, we cannot control when that nap will be had.
We have all been there before, have not we? We are relaxing on the couch about to start a movie or television show, and the next thing you know; we wake up to the end credits and have no idea when we fell asleep.

This dog on the couch might encapsulate that whole experience. Trying to spend some time with his human, this cute dog struggles to hang as he continually falls asleep!

This video is too cute for words! If you love dogs and think that they are adorable, this video will melt your heart! As the video clip starts, you can see a dog sitting on the living room couch. But if you take a closer look, you will realize that he is actually really struggling to sit up because he is so sleepy! LOL! He is so precious! The struggle of this adorable dog is real!

Watch as he is gently caressed on his ears, chest, and face as he battles to stay awake, in case he misses anything. He would sit like this all night and day if he could. His stirrups are like velvet to touch as well which supports. He will go to anyone who is willing to pet him, but in this video, he is next to his Dad, and they definitely are the best of friends, a bond no one could come between!

Animals are wondrous partners that have brightened up our times. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. Despite, did you know that pets could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? That seems to be exactly the case in this video clip here!

What is it that dogs love most in life? They adore their owners, their food bowl, the regular walks in the park and the scratches behind their ears. When a dog has these things, they are the most satisfied they can be. But when a treat is introduced to the mix, thing get too cute too soon!

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