Tiny Doggy Adorably Begs For More Scratches

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesInternet is overflowing with videos of dogs demanding to be pet, scratched, their bellies rubbed or just to be showered with love and attention.

Take this one, for example. Sitting in the car with his owner, the owner scratches his pet on the chest. It looks like a sweet spot for the dog because she does not move a muscle. That is until the person gets his hand back. You can tell this was the dog’s idea all along because he does not even bat an eyelash before reaching out to the human’s hand to demand more scratches! Pet me, human, I am right here!

Whenever his master would pull his hand back, because that stuff is not made of rock, the little dog would reach up and pull that scratchy hand back. With his mouth! A small, gentle pressure on the palm of the hand instantly warns the hand’s owner that it should be somewhere else. Like, on the dog’s belly. Keep rubbing’!

People keep saying “it is a canine’s life” whenever theirs gets boring or difficult. But to tell the truth, canines seem to have it the easiest! They always have a partner to be around, their bowls are always full, the toys are always there and someone is always present to give them scratches behind the ears. Well, most of the times…

We say “most of the times”, because scratching is a tiresome task and after a while, people just need to rest their hands a little. Canines do not care that you are tired! You will relax when you sleep, but right now it is scratching time and they need their demands to be filled. Just like a little baby, only this one does not poop its pants and scream about it.

For some people, their dogs are like their own children. They take care of them and wait on them hand and foot. Why would not they? After all, even the canines have their own right to be pleased. But every once in a while, the people need just a little rest from all the doting, petting, loving, playing and mounds of attention they give their 4-legged family members. Naturally, the dogs will disagree on this. Cue the hilarity.

This little doggy needs also definitely were not fulfilled, because his owner would scratch him on his chest for a couple of seconds and then he would take his hand back. he does not understand barkage and he does not speak human, so he tries to make do with what he does know, and that is making the cutest face in the world.


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