Mail Makes Feline Furious

Published August 10, 2019 373 Views $0.14 earned

Occurred on July 29, 2019 / McKinney, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "My cat eagerly awaits the mail delivery every day and it's her daily entertainment as she launches into full-on attack mode, growling, hair standing on end the moment she senses the mailman approaching. If the mail manages to make it through the slot, it is usually 'shredded,' hence her name. We call her the 'gargoyle.' She's a cat version of the guard dog. She a ragdoll breed and when she's not attacking the mailman, she can be found snuggled up on my lap, purring contentedly. As a ragdoll, she is one of the few breeds that lets you carry her, cradled in your arms, like a baby. Seeing her in her usual state, little would anyone believe underneath that docile, sweet demeanor is an attack cat. She once busted through the screen window and chased the mailman down the street. What did the mailman ever do to you, we wonder. She just has an innate protective nature of me and my daughter I guess. We love her to bits."

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