Puppy Gets Head Stuck Inside Toy Beehive

Published August 7, 2019 9,121 Views $9.12 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you consider yourself to be a dog lover, this video clip is just for you! Video shows an adorable pup around a house with his head stuck in a toy beehive. Looks like she stuck her nose in the wrong place!

We have to admit that sometimes the actions of our pets do not make much sense to us. Did they chew on the sofa because they thought it was a ginormous delicious bone? Did they trash the room because it was not to their liking? We guess that we will never get the answers.

Curious puppies will get themselves into situations you never could even believe. Take this little puppy who managed to get his cute little goofy head stuck inside a toy beehive while his owner was out the living room. And by stuck, we mean really stuck. When the owner came back in the room, he found that his little pup got her head stuck inside the toy beehive. How? You ask.
Well, probably the little rascal chewed out more beehive and search more things inside before getting her head stuck. There is no other valid explanation for the situation he found himself in. Well, this pup certainly is not the brightest bee in the hive! How funny is that?!

It is not a sight we are used to seeing every day, so at first, when we watch the video we are very surprised and amused. When the owner tries pushing hive back through, he finds that that pup is completely stuck. It is a really ridiculous situation to be into.

“That is what you get, puppy, for going through the beehive,” the owner says before eventually removing the hive from the pup’s head. “I walked into the room and found him struggling to get the crumbs at the bottom of a toy hive and to get it off his head,” the owner said. “It was a hilarious minute I just happened to walk into.”

After such an incredulous event nothing feels better than a warm bath after then puppy took a very long nap on the couch feeling refreshed and full of energy and ready some other mischievous deeds. But who knows, maybe he has learned her lecture and the next time he will know not to put her head where it does not belong to.

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