Crazy cat won't allow owner to leave the basement

Published August 7, 2019 14,855 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensHave you ever been in a situation where you felt trapped? Possibly held against your will? Well this crazy female cat has a dominant streak that reveals itself in very strange ways. I guess you could say that she enjoys having the upper paw in this particular case. Any time her owner goes into the basement to do some laundry, the cat waits behind the door leading down to the basement. When her owner returns and attempts to exit the basement she is greeted by a pair of crazed green eyes and powerful paws of fury. She punches her little white paws through the door in an attempt to block the exit of her human.

I guess you could say it's a game of control and this cat is a skilled player. Her eyes glow in the dark and her movements are rapid and well timed. She makes left and right jabs through the door opening that are almost like a feline MMA fighter. She lets out the occasional growl and hiss to let you know that she really means business.

Even though this is just a funny cat game, her owner plays along much to the cats delight. Cats that are kept indoors often come up with creative ways to entertain themselves. They still have that instinctive urge to hunt and whether it's chasing a moth around the room or shooting out from under a bed to grab it's owners legs, cats will always find a way to entertain themselves.

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