Suspended Clothing Fasteners Fine-Motor Activity

Published August 3, 2019 8 Plays

Rumble This fine-motor activity provides an opportunity to practice opening or closing clothing fasteners repeatedly to refine hand skills. Many clients enjoy repetitive tasks and find them calming. Other benefits include:
1) the materials are right in front of the individuals face, making it easier to see what they are manipulating
2) Standing is aerobic for people who tend to sit all day, so its a form of exercise
3) There are options to first learn opening buttons or snaps which is easier than closing them.
4) This activity can be adapted to perform sitting by suspended the materials from the ceiling above the person’s table area.
5) Manipulating clothing fasteners is a common school or day program goal and very functional!

Try to start out using extra-large buttons, snaps, zippers or other clothing fasteners if you can find them to make learning easier.

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