Bug-A-Salt 2.0: Does It Really Work On Wasps?

Published August 2, 2019 81,114 Views

Rumble The Bug-A-Salt salt gun is the non-toxic anti-bug, pest control weapon of the future. And the future is now. Loaded with ordinary table salt for ammo and equipped with a pop-up sight, the Bug-A-Salt gun is the worst nightmare for houseflies everywhere. This fly eradication device is the 21st-Century fly swatter and the surefire fun way to make a disgusting task enjoyable and to get rid of pesky flies in your home or at your BBQ. (Plus it's an easy cleanup.) So toss out that loud, annoying, filthy bug zapper you freakin' rednecks.

The Bug-A-Salt gun shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt at the targets. Though it shoots just a pinch of salt, the blast is strong enough to knock out common houseflies for good. Reloading requires a simple pump of the gun to put a new pile of salt into the chamber.

But can this bug gun take out other pesky pests? Scarier bugs than a black fly? Like wasps and hornets?

Rare senior writer Rob Fox decided to find out. With the original salt gun's next-gen model, the Bug-A-Salt 2.0, in hand and a flourishing wasp nest growing on the side of his house, Fox (plus two cameramen who absolutely did not want to be there) decided to see if the Bug-A-Salt gun could take out some angry wasps.

Having made peace with the idea of getting mercilessly stung by furious wasps Fox locked and loaded the Bug-A-Salt and prepared for his first foray into amateur pest extermination. (Always a great idea.)

Though things didn't go quite as planned the Bug-A-Salt gun still proved effective at times. But effective enough to keep you safe from on oncoming wasp that wants nothing more than for you to get the hell away from its home? Find out.



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