Newfoundland Dog Displays Water Rescue Instincts

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNewfoundlands have been grown over many years to learn to operate in the water. They have a genetic instinct to rescue kids and to retrieve things. Samson is a family dog, who weighs about 165 pounds, has been active around the pool when people are in it but not until this video did he ever go in on his own. He has only attempted swimming with his owner a handful of times and was too scared to really try.

Samson has only been in the water a few occasions but clearly has an ability to bring his best friend Siera out of the swimming pool. With no earlier training, he immediately attempts to get Siera after his owner suggests it to him. With some regular training and more trust in the water, Samson would surely be an excellent water rescue canine!

Samson and Sierra are an incredible duo who adore spending time together a lot since Sierra was a small girl. Sierra and Samson do everything together. They are spending time outside getting sun and playing fetch. They play games, they celebrate each other’s birthdays, Sierra loves giving baths to Samson and in return, Samson always keeps an eye on her when she is near the pool.
It is evident that Sierra and her gentle giant Sebastien have an extraordinary bond.

Samson is a huge dog but, his heart is, even more, bigger, and he shows that to Sierra every day. Just take a look at this video and see how much fun they have together and how much they love each other. Are those happy tears in your eyes?

All canines have the potential for heroism, but it seems to be hardwired into this naturally active swimmer. There are many videos available on social media shows Newfoundlands rescuing people from the freezing waters of the Atlantic following destruction or plucking kids from icy deep water, just in time. Regardless of the purpose of the Newfoundland in our life be it, companion or worker, he will no doubt capture your heart.

Surely you remember Nani, the fictional Newfoundland employed as a nany by the Darling family in Peter Pan? It is true that the author’s fictional account of sweet-natured Nani as around-the-clock babysitter stretches reality a bit. However, there is truth in his characterization of the dog. The Newfoundland really is a friendly dog who loves kids. He is naturally sweet and gentle with them, as well as protective.

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