Pup's Adorable Expression Will Melt Your Heart

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA tale as old as time tells that humans have been living in the company of animals as far back as we can remember. The reality is that once upon a time, we were actually very dependent on animals. For the most part as history says it, man’s best friend was a dog. Dog’s have proven their place by man’s side way before they were sweet and cuddly creatures. Way before they needed our helping hand to feed them and walk them and be their one true friend. Before man had ever domesticated dogs, there were dogs living in the wild, in large packs, looking out for each other and surviving all that life and the wilderness of nature had to offer. Very similar to what today we know as wolfs. Wolf’s are the closest to dogs and it is clear that today’s dog as we know it has evolved from wolves.

Over time people have found that having a dog is also very helpful not only to cure your loneliness but also make a great companion and even security. Nowadays, people keep dog’s and breed dogs to train for several different occasions. We all know the videos that have been posted online of puppies that grew up to be beasts and are able to keep a whole house secure all by themselves. Their tenacity and courage of not knowing true evil has the power to drive them straight into the eye of the storm. If you show your dog loyalty and true friendship, there is no telling how far they will go to keep you happy and safe.

This truly says a lot about dogs and the true friend they can be. Let us not forget how lucky we are to have dogs as part of our surroundings, and never should we forget the respect and love they deserve. Dogs are truly great and have proven their place among humans ever since we can remember, and we should never forget such a gift given by nature. Their hearts are big enough to love all, and that is very clear to see any time you approach a dog as it does not at all, ever, take into consideration that you are a stranger, rather than a friend.

This puppy here is the perfect example of the joy that doggies bring to our lives. There is nothing more precious that a little puppy that cannot help but prove and express the love it has toward its owner. Take a look as this video is bound to put a big fat smile on your face. Enjoy!


  • DavidMcNab, 28 weeks ago

    Beautiful dog.

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