Newfoundland finally realizes his water instincts

Published July 30, 2019 327,082 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNewfoundlands have been bred over many years to learn to work in the water. They have a natural instinct to rescue children and to retrieve objects. Samson, who weighs about 160 pounds, has been active around the pool when people are in it but not until this video did he ever go in on his own. He has only attempted swimming with his owner a handful of times and was too scared to really try. It seems Samson finally reached the point where he faced his fears. At first, Samson goes straight for his best friend Sierra, but he must have noticed her fear at his huge sloshing body heading towards her. So, he next attempted to retrieve his toy. He clumsily gets to the deep end and decides he better go back and regroup. He immediately decides to try again and successfully brings his toy out of the pool. On his second try, it is clear he is already getting a more smooth and strong stroke and becoming a good swimmer. Well done Samson!


  • kkthxk, 1 year ago

    lol, don't worry Sierra he wont take you under (just pawed ;)), ideally you could eventually hold on to his tail in the water and let him tug boat you around, very luxurious. ;) Swimming is such great exercise I bet Samson is properly tuckered out after all that.

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    • brenmichelle, 1 year ago

      I love the tug boat idea🤣

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  • BenW, 1 year ago

    He's cool in the pool! :-)

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