Pug Adorably Eats Imaginary Meal With Owner

Published July 29, 2019 5,377 Plays $20.08 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFirst, let is talk about that face! The pug face. When you say “pug face”, you instantly know what it is supposed to look like, and there it is.

We all know how pups will do anything to please their humans, from learning new tricks and performing them with highest honors, to making faces and doing silly things around the house. There are many canine breeds that take the award for being the fastest learners, which makes them the ideal pet for dull folks.

Check out the hilarious response of the pug when he adorably eats an imaginary meal with his owner. The happy pug enjoys a fake meal, making adorable eating noises and all. Curtness overload!

Teaching your puppies a few tricks is always a great idea. You start by teaching them some basic commands, like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘heel’. These will make sure that your pet always understands the authority in the pack that is your family, keeping you cool and itself secure.

Pugs are a highly affectionate and outgoing breed of dog and get on very well with kids. They can peacefully co-exist with other puppies and are very playful and sociable creatures. The breed is also very courageous and will comfortably wander off when bored. They like to have a powerful leader which makes them both loyal and loving. They can live on average between 10 and 14 years.

That little creature will give you years of happiness, mischief, and, yes, even trouble. It will all be worth it. The pug has so many endearing qualities, even beside the wrinkly little face and large dark marbles for eyes. They combine jealousy with loyalty to a “T”. They are like perpetual little children who always need your company. They sleep a lot! Up to 14 hours a day.

Pets are not furniture. They do not sit around collecting dust, and you cannot preserve your pet by keeping it in a closet with protective wrapping. In fact, if you are going to accept the responsibility of being a pet owner, you are going to have to accept that there are no guarantees when it comes to living things.

Pug puppies, especially, are voracious little boogers. They will eat up to three times a day. You can also expect to take your pug to the vet about four times a year. Did you consider that when you bought a pug? We hope so. Visit costs, vaccination costs, antibiotics and the occasional illness might run you between $400 and $500 a year. It isn’t just fun to own such a cute little face, it is a privilege that carries serious responsibility.