Smart dog relates bathing suit to swimming!

Published July 28, 2019 196 Views

Rumble Abby the rescue Labrador knows as soon as she sees a bathing suit that means pool time!
We rescued Abby from a local shelter. Abby has a terrible start to life. She was abused and neglected. Landed in a high kill shelter in the Carolinas. Abby was a day away from being euthenized due to over crowding. A wonderful person wanted to save her. This employee called a shelter in New Jersey and told them about Abby. The shelter Agreed to take her. Abby has only been at the shelter a few days when my family met her. Abby was in a concrete run. The only toy she had was her beloved tennis ball. Abby would play fetch with herself. She would go to the opposite end of her kennel and roll the ball away from her with her nose.
So adorable! It was an instant love when we saw her, we adored her.
Now Abby is living her best life full of love and adventure!
I hope You enjoy watching her videos. Thanks for reading her story! Please if you like the video leave a comment, we love reading them!