Hero fishermen rescue monkey with life jacket

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesOccurred on July 22, 2019 / Mato Grosso, Brazil

Info from Licensor: "My name is Renato Borella. I am a sport fisherman, and whenever I am on vacation I come to this region of Mato Grosso to fish with the fishing operator (Pimenta Fishing).

Me and my guide, 'Neco', were climbing up to a fishing spot when we sighted the monkey. He was very tired, and the river in that place is very wide, and with a strong current, so my guide and I became aware of the scene and decided to help the monkey cross the river. There were several attempts, which is divided into 4 videos. We tried first with the rowing of the boat, but the guide for fear of the monkey climbing the boat, released the rowing when the monkey started to climb. We were a little afraid, because we did not know what attitude the monkey would take if he could climb the boat.

Finally my guide threw the life jacket and the monkey made a loud noise as soon as he climbed the jacket, seeming to be thanking for our attitude. Soon after, the monkey managed to climb the vest rope and came to climb the boat leaving us very frightened. I confess that both the guide and I were a little afraid, because we did not know what would be the reaction of the animal. Thank God he was very calm in the stern of the boat, and as soon as the boat approached the shore the monkey ran to the bow and soon after jumped to a tree and left. The natives of the region believe that he was crossing the river for having been expelled from his group."

Animals, like people sometimes need help. When we think of all the cute and furry animals of the wild, we usually never think to ourselves how difficult and challenging their day to day life is by surviving all on their lonesome's out there in the wild. There are many videos out there that prove the suffering of animals with things that would never come to mind. Like this video for example. Here we see a monkey that is hopelessly in need of help. And who better than your's truly, fisherman.

These guys were out for a nice fishing trip on their boat on a beautiful sunny summer day. Little did they know that they will be in the right place at the right time. As they gone out to fish, their heads were at where they can find the fish and where can they find a bigger one. Little did they know that nature intended something completely different for them.

So as these guys are chilling in their boat on the creek they notice something helplessly swimming in the water. Like many of us, they thought that it might be something like a beaver or an otter, cause what else would it be swimming in the water. These guys know well that the water is usually for fish which they were keen on finding.

As they stroll through the river, this "thing" seems to be getting closer and closer to them as if is trying to tell them something. And guess what, it is! As the animal gets closer they realize it is nothing other than a monkey! That's right an actual monkey swimming in the water!

No we aren't completely sure of everything, but we know one thing for sure and that is that monkeys do not belong in the water. These guys right away think of a clever plan in which they can hep the monkey make safe path back to the jungle. We might not live in the jungle, but we surely know that it can't be easy to survive out there.

We're guessing this guy was happily jumping around from tree to tree as something happened, like a slip or a branch broke beneath his feet and he slipped into the water. Thank god for good people like these fisherman that helped this monkey get out safe and sound. Are you wondering exactly how? Well take a look at this video if you like to be amazed! Enjoy!