Strong Sea Wave Take Out People On Brazilian Beach

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Rumble / Strange WeatherThis terrifying video of a Brazilian Beach shows vacation makers flee for their lives as a huge surge wave hits the shore sending families struggling to save their children. The video was filmed by a local person who was recording from a platform overlooking a popular tourist spot.

These unexpected waves are known as “sneaker waves” or “surge waves” because they frighten people by arriving without warning.

The shocking clip opens with images of vacation makers sunbathing and there kids happily playing in the shallows. There is absolutely no hint of the terror that is about to hit the packed sands in sunny Rio de Janeiro.

The first signs come when a series of waves start rolling towards the beach, each bigger than the next. A group of young boys playing football at the water's edge is then seen quickly dashing to safety. Within seconds, one mega wave crashes up the beach flattening everything in its path. Terrified bathers are heard screaming as the water slams into sunbeds, deck chairs, and umbrellas.

Panicking parents grab their children to stop them from being swept away by the fierce currents. Some swimmers are even seen being dragged back into the sea as the wave starts to recede. Lifeguards then rush to save those who are struggling to stay above water. Amazingly, no one appears to have been injured in the horror incident, which happened last weekend.

Waves occur in sets. Small wave sets are usually followed by more massive wave sets.
These waves are unpredictable they can sneak up on beachgoers by appearing suddenly after a relatively long period of calm (anywhere from 5 – 25 minutes of still water).

By that time, many people have let down their protector and stopped watching the shores, leading to more prominent risk as these sudden waves can surge high up on the beach or rocks with fatal force.

To survive during a Sneaker Waves Put the eye on the moving waves and stay alert. Stay in arm’s range of your kids when near the wave. Be extra careful during and after wave as this is the most powerful risk period for surge waves.

Remember that these waves can be huge any time of year, but are most common from April to November. Recognize that unexpected wave into the water is not unusual.

Many people who are dying or injured in the sea did not even expect to get wet. Observe the circumstances firmly before you step out onto the beach or the rocks. Check the regular tidal data and weather prediction.