Dog Balances Water Bottle While Walking On 90° Curve

Published July 26, 2019 14,243 Views $22.78 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen something as mystical as this Australian shepherd as it flawlessly balances water bottle all while walking on a thin beam?
Rush, an adorable dog with an incredible sense of balance and self-control, balances a bottle of water without letting it fall while walking on a balance bar, even making a 90-degree bend! Incredible!

Nowadays even our canines are getting in on the recent trends!
They say you cannot teach old dog new tricks, but it looks like this four-legged friend is proving that to be wrong. With each person or animal being different from the last, their individuality leads them to have a different aptitude than the last one.

How impressive is that! How can one just not like these sorts of events where the proud owner can show off their dog's skills and the hard work they have put in. Events such as this one are just the surpassing way that you and your canine can go out and have fun while bonding and feeling a fun course like this first hand. Teaching your canine the basic commands of ‘stay’, ‘sit’, ‘drop it’ and the likes can be very useful in your mutual life together.

You will always be sure that your canine will be safe from injury, and it will turn it into a caring and loving member of the family. While there are canine owners who struggle with getting their canine to actually obey what they tell him, there are canine owners whose loving animal companions would do just about anything to entertaining their owner.

Rush here is the perfect model of a doggy that is well trained.

This video is one more that proves how intelligent and great canines can be when they set out to do something.

Can your puppy balance a ball on his head? This trick is not only impressive, but it can also be a great way to cheer people up. After all, what is cuter than a dog waiting so patiently while you stack items on her head.

Many times they are guided by their interest, that interest that motivates them to discover a surprising wit kept in them, allowing them to do surprising things like this.

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