Stubborn Husky Loudly Protests Against Annoying Cone

Published July 25, 2019 1,867 Plays $14.08 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAll people have something they fear from, or they hate, some people hate spiders, some people hate the hot weather, and some people hate spicy food. It is what it is, and we can't love everything in the world. Right?

But, when it comes to a dog, we know what they hate the most, and it's not cats or even baths. It's the cone of shame. They hate when they have to wear that thing! Also if it's for their good, they absolutely hate it.

The lampshade. The Elizabethan collar. The cone of shame. No matter how you call it, possibilities are your dog isn't going to like the thought of having to wear a cone while a wound heals. They turn into drama queens when they wear it and we have a drama queen here to prove that. Take a look at Zeus and his thoughts about wearing the cone of shame.

Zeus recently had a growth removed from his eyelid and needs to wear the "cone of shame" until his eye heals. He's not happy about having to wear the cone again after he had to wear it on and off all spring and summer due to hot spots. In complete Zeus fashion, he is negotiating and trying to look cute to gain sympathy, and removal of the cone!

Even though it seems cruel to put one on them, remember that it is a critical medical tool and they have to wear it. Leaving the E collar on consistently is the ideal approach to get your pet accustomed to it. If you feel awful for your pet and take the cone off, at that point set it back on when you leave, your pet may accept it as a discipline and may attempt to crush it.

Don't worry. Your dog can eat, drink, pee, and lay down with a cone on. Indeed, the stricter you are with the cone, the quicker they will become acclimated to it. Moreover, pets don't hold feelings of resentment, so they won't be frantic at you for being severe with the guidelines.

To be honest, who wants to have a cone around their neck all the time? We would hate it too, but we know that we will do anything for our dogs and sometimes that can be putting a cone on their head for their own good, even though they hate and you hate it too!

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