Slow Motion Bottle Cap Challenge Ends In Success

Published July 25, 2019 3,473 Views $4.09 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeOkay, bottle caps watch out because there are a lot of people out there who want to kick you! We first heard about the challenge when Jason Statham posted a video of him doing it and honestly saying the world went crazy about this challenge! After that, all the celebrities did the challenge, and that was the moment when we realized we are looking at the next big viral challenge!

Soon enough, all the people were doing it, and it was awesome seeing all the successful people fulfilling the challenge. Take a look at this video and see how this man amazingly completed the challenge. Not bad for an older man! If you open your beer this way, you can live longer! They say "Skopsko, and everything is possible," and now we know that with Skopsko you can even do the bottle cap challenge.

There are few points to know about the latest challenge to make the internet circles, the bottle cap challenge: A pro who kicks for a living started it, and it's a rather challenging challenge to copy the precisely balanced rotation and kick move that ideally takes the cap to blow off while leaving the bottle standing.

It began back on 25 June when Taekwondo fighter and teacher Farabi Davletchin posted his astounding kick stunt. From that point forward, everybody's been attempting it. To try your hand (or foot!) at the test, you need a container with a top inexactly set on top - and someone prepared to press record on their telephone.

The point is to dismiss the cover clean from the highest point of the jug utilizing a roundabout hand to hand fighting kick called a 'roundhouse.' It may look simple; however, it requires an astounding measure of ability. Have you tried to do this challenge?

There were some really creative, like the one Mariah Carey did, she popped the cap with her high-pitched voice, and Kendall Jenner on a water scooter, and a similar to Kendall's was Haley Biber's challenge.

And of course, there were also some funny ones, Like Blake Sheldon's and Whitney Cummings were they tried by they knocked the whole bottle and their reaction was so unusual.

Hope you will get some inspiration from these people before you try doing one on your own. What's your favorite bottle cap challenge, and why? Tell us below in our comment section, and we love to hear it!

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