Hysterical Pup Chews On Pacifier Like A Little Baby

Published July 23, 2019 2,389 Plays $17.30 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHere is a significant fact and we are starting with that fact, and we know that all dog parent will agree with us- Dogs are babies! They love to get attention like babies, they love to be treated like babies, and of course, they love to act like babies.

Just take a look at this video of this big doggy who loves to act like a little baby! This funny pup loves to chew on pacifier like a little baby and he loves to sit like that too! Check out this dog's epic baby impersonation. How funny is that?! Just take a look at the innocent face and the big shiny eyes.

There have consistently been people who have treated their pets like kids. The thing that matters is that these people were once thought unconventional or even somewhat nutty, while today nobody flutters an eyelash at such conduct at any rate until it goes to strange boundaries. Yes, maybe 'it's people fault that they act like that towards their dogs, but you have to admit that they really deserve all the best even if that means pampering them so much.

We know we love threating them like that, but do they like it? By the looks of this video, we can see that they absolutely love it! We've said before that your doggo might be your child, and all things considered: once in a while, your little guy acts like one! We, people, are here to think about, control, and support our dogs for the duration of their lives, and consequently, we get undying affection, loyalty, and even protection.

Like with any relationship, there are good minutes and awful (however with pooches? For the most part, really great!). So whether they are mean, snuggly, and they want to be treated like babies, remember that they deserve it and much more.

So, for all of you out there who have a pet, you have to ask yourself, are you a pet parent or dog owner? Okay, now that you have the answer to that question we have to tell you some advice about this 'whole' treating your dog like a baby situation'' and we think you will find them useful.

Pampering your dog and treating them like a baby is not a bad idea, but you have to teach them manner too. They have to know how to act right and have good behavior, not to act like a spoiled kid. Got it?