Concerned coati mother drags her babies to safety

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeOn a recent vacation, Brent noticed a very interesting and cute animal that he later discovered was called a Coati. The coati, or better known in English as the long nosed coon. The coati which looks much like the well known racoon of North America, is approximately 13 to 17 inches long from head to the base of the tail.Weighing in at around four and a half to seventeen pound they are much the size of a large house cat. Having long tails, this is used in tall vegetation to keep their troops in order, making it easy for the rest to follow the leader whom has his tail held high. Also having long snouts which they can rotate up to sixty degrees in any direction, they use their noses for pushing objects as well as rubbing parts of their bodies when itchy. Having strong limbs they are great climbers and diggers. What you notice in this video, is the care a mama coati has for her young.

Baby coati are also known as “kittens”. Protecting her kittens is key, no matter what. While wandering the resort on his vacation, Brent noticed a group of visitors looking into the bushes. What came next was very interesting to watch. Mama coati made sure her young followed her into the foliage for their protection. At times pacing back and forth within the bush protection as she could see their were humans watching her from only a few steps away. It was evident there was concern for the safety of her young. Once secured, she then began transporting her young from one safe location another. Strategically shuttling the three adorable kittens, mama coati shows her determination and strength to take care of her young. Always scanning the area before progressing along her planned route, mama coati peeks from within the brush cover before latching onto her baby and scurrying to the next drop point.

Continually grasping them around the neck with her mouth, she would then return to gather her next kitten and repeat the process of moving them to the next safe location. The process took approximately 20 minutes for moving the three kittens a distance of approximately one hundred feet from a garden area into some nearby treed area of the resort. Many visitors watched with surprise at the care mama coati took in keeping her young safe while moving them quickly through the resort gardens. What an adorable animal to see.