Fast flying blue UFOs captured over Monaco

Published July 22, 2019 375 Views $9.29 earned

Rumble / Weird MysteriesFlying UFOs have been active for weeks in the luxurious city of Monaco. A witness records the mysterious activities with a camera from the balcony. Several people have witnessed this. These are blue-colored unidentified flying objects that fly through the French airspace strangely and rapidly.

Are they fireflies? No they are not fireflies. Fireflies only occur in the south of France, but fireflies are not that big and certainly do not fly a great distance in a few seconds. Are they drones? No they are not drones. Drones produce a lot of sound that can be heard certainly at such a close distance. The UFOs sometimes fly for hours, most standard drones have a maximum battery life of 20 minutes.

So what is it? Let us know what you know!

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