Critically endangered sea turtle chomps on tourist's arm

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Loggerhead turtles are a critically endangered species that roam throughout the Caribbean. They are found in Mexico, Belize and the waters all around Central and South America. They grow to an enormous size, reaching weights well over 1,000lbs. They have giant heads and powerful jaws that are capable of cracking large conch shells with ease. Although they are not usually aggressive with people, they do have the ability to inflict serious bites and people are well advised to not approach them too closely.

These swimmers were enjoying a snorkel tour at a marine park off the island of San Pedro, Belize. It's an area where the rays, sharks and turtles are protected and they come and go freely. They have little fear of humans and they will not harm those who are respectful and careful. One of the familiar faces here is a juvenile loggerhead named Scarface. He was injured when he was very young and he has lost one eye. It is believed that he received his facial wound from a boat propeller. He is recognizable, not only due to the large scar on his face, but also due to his curious nature and his tendency to curiously check out tourists and their belongings.

Conch fishermen come here to clean their catch and the remnants make their way back into the ocean. Rays, sharks, and loggerheads enjoy the scraps and the fishermen have a soft spot for this friendly turtle. They often feed him and he will eat constantly if they have enough food to spare.

One of the other things that Scarface is known for is approaching tourists very closely. He is a delight to photograph and to play with, but he is very young. Just like a young puppy, he has not learned that he cannot bite everything. He occasionally clamps his formidable jaws on cameras, snorkels, and even swimmers themselves. This swimmer was very amused by his playful nature and he didn't see what was about to happen as Scarface bit down on the side of his arm. Like a huge vise, Scarface squeezed and pulled, trying to see if the arm was edible. Luckily, the swimmer was wearing a neoprene wetsuit and it cushioned the bite, but he was left with a nasty bruise and a cut that left a scar.

Knowing that he was in a marine park, being chewed on by a protected species, the swimmer was very reluctant to treat the curious turtle roughly. Fortunately, Scarface recognized the error of his ways and released his hold after about fifteen seconds. He swam off with what appeared to be a huge turtle grin. It's hard to be upset with such a playful turtle who is merely investigating the possibility of a meal.

Scarface quickly made his way to another tourist and promptly tried to eat her camera. Scarface is famous for such antics and you can find him in many videos on Rumble and YouTube.

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