Suspended Velcro Sensory- Motor Activity

Published July 17, 2019 140 Plays

Rumble Suspend a strip of Loop Velcro from the ceiling or other high surface. Provide pictures with Hook Velcro on the backs to attach or remove from the suspended strip. The clients can place the removed pictures on a board or insert them into a container. Things I love about this activity:
1) It’s easier to visually attend when working with materials suspended in front of your face
2) It’s really difficult to attach or remove Velcro pictures from the strip using only one hand. Therefore, clients will work on bilateral hand skills
3) This activity involves movement! Clients are out of their seats, possibly moving across the room to place the pictures on a board. They also receive vestibular stimulation as they move from high- low while attaching or removing the pictures.
4) It takes some problem solving to make all the pictures fit on the strip. They may need to move the pictures around to make adequate space for pictures to fit between other pictures. This activity develops spatial relationship skills!
5) Last but not least, the clients are working with a moving, suspended strip of Velcro. This develops eye-hand coordination.

The blind client shown in the video was already familiar with removing Velcro from a board to insert into a container. This activity added a new twist and a bit of challenge to an activity that was getting a bit boring. Making small changes to successful activities is a great way to increase hand skills

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