Twins Gender Reveal Results In Epic Conclusion

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsOne of the most inspiring times one can ever experience is the time when you learn the sex of your new baby! And what could be a more reliable way to declare it to the world than by hosting an epic gender reveal party for your friends and family!
There are several different styles people use to reveal if it is a boy or a girl, but the most popular one is with a balloon filled with lots of ribbons, the blue ones if it is a boy and the pink ones if it is a girl!

Going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) is an emotional experience and it is even more difficult when you do not get the results you were hoping for. Sometimes, though, there is still a chance for things to work out: After countless in vitro fertilization failures, this couple finally became pregnant with twins after Amber's sister donated her eggs to them. It is super fun and very exciting for everyone. Just check out this video and see it for yourself!

Gender reveals have become really popular these days. The bigger, the better. Parents are becoming more creative about the big news of the gender of the newborn baby. It is a complete shock for somebody and complete joy for others. It replaces the list of names to choose from, the things you buy, and for some parents, the color design of the baby’s room.

Gender reveal functions are one of the hottest trends among today’s hopeful parents.
They have been going on for at least eight years, but in case you are not familiar, gender reveal parties are meant to be exactly what they imply: getting a group of family and/or friends together with the expectant parents for a party, and “revealing” the baby’s gender at one time so that everyone present can celebrate the biological sex of the upcoming baby.

Rebecca Michal’s, community manager of the popular parenting website Baby Center, said that gender reveals parties are a huge hit because people are looking for something to celebrate amidst economic hard times. BabyCenter's gender-reveal party discussion threads had skyrocketed since 2012, implicating that a lot of parents are interested in the event.

According to the Washington Daily Post, the first baby's gender reveals video clip was shared on social media in 2009. Expecting parents were shown in the footage simply opening a sealed box in front of their family members and friends. Since then, thousands of gender reveal party videos have been uploaded onto the social media sites with parents getting more extravagant and creative in the event.