Why The Tomato Mayo Sandwich is a Southern Staple

4 years ago

There's no saying how many different kinds of sandwiches there may be in the world. In America, when you say the word, "sandwich", many different varieties are bound to pop up in your head. Whether it be a classic PB&J on white bread or a ham and cheese on wheat slathered with miracle whip, each region in the United States has their own preference of sandwich toppings. And one simple and delicious sandwich that comes straight to mind is the Southern tomato sandwich packed with fresh tomato slices, black pepper, salt, and a helping of mayo.

Here's how to make the perfect tomato and mayo sandwich:

Find The Mayo

Everyone has their own preference for mayo, but only one will reign supreme in this southern sandwich. We love using Duke's mayonnaise in this American sandwich. You can use Hellmann or Best Foods, but know we'll be judging just a tad.

Pick The Tomatoes

Since the sandwich is so simple, perfect ingredients are essential. Use either heirloom tomatoes or fresh summer tomatoes from the Farmer's Market to ensure your tomatoes taste just like they were picked from the garden.

Slice The Bread

When it comes to bread slices, sweeter is better. Any white sandwich bread will do. The flavor should be coming from the mayo and the tomato, and the bread just acts as a vehicle to get that flavor from your plate to your mouth.

Grab a slice of bread, spread on that mayo, add on thick slices of ripe tomato, and enjoy.

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