Junior Barber Academy Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless

Published July 17, 2019 486 Plays $0.35 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesA young girl Neijae Graham-Henries is seemingly the world's most youthful hairdresser. The eight-year-old from Philadelphia has recently got a certification and became a certified hairdresser, giving free hairstyles to kids and homeless in her town.

After going with her sibling to visit the Junior Barber Academy, she ended up keen on hairstyles, even though her sibling passed on the school. "She didn’t give up on her wish and she got admission because she was the only female their in the academy. Neijae's mom Jamie Graham says.

The second-grader is being coached by a local hairdresser named P. Michael Boone, who has been in the business for a long time. Boone chose to plan the six-week program at the institute for young fellows. "I needed to show young fellows to act naturally adequate and trim their very own hair when they left to school," he says. "My students get familiar with the basics of men's hairstyles, safety, neatness, scissors control, and hair strokes."

Although the hairdresser never expected to see a young girl in his class, excitement to learn and offered her a similar direction as his other students, he said. The young lady, who never missed a single class, completed the course and started immediately working as a volunteer in the town. Boone sorted out an occasion for children in Philadelphia and more than 400 people appeared with the expectation of complimentary hairstyles. Neijae came there to help out, even bringing her tools.

Boone says: “I always tell my students to give back something to humanity whether it’s hairstyles and haircuts for children their age or older people”. When Boone was a child, they were poor and there usually was not enough money to get a proper haircut. After being continuously remaining bald and not having a fresh haircut, he decided to cut his hair with one of his friend’s dad’s scissors. He was soon able to make a handsome amount of money from hair cutting which astonished his mother. She was thinking that he might be involved in some illegal activities.

To refute her, she demanded that he trim his hair in front of her. Impressed with his abilities, she got him a couple of scissors for Christmas. After he turned 18, he got admission in a private hairstylist school. Shockingly, he failed the theoretical part of the test and passed the practical part. Debilitated and baffled, he trims hair for a long time without a permit. However, after he began his very own family, he was motivated to get a license. Propelled by Neijae's devotion, Boone will offer another preparation program this fall. "I am exceptionally pleased with her. She was an incredible student, and I am eager to see where this will take her," he says. He has just requested the young hairdressers to go along with him at an occasion for the homeless that will be sponsored by him.