Couple Chase Man With Cleaver After He Made Some Comments About Their Service

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Rumble / Stupid CriminalsIf you thought you were having a bad day, take a look at this video and take a look at this video from a man being chased with an ax by a couple who argued about his food! Well, that's not a good day at all!

A couple of days ago, a disturbing yet intriguing video was viral in North Macedonia when a Chinese couple chased a man called Milan Tocinovski after he tried to order food at their Chinese restaurant. The couple who own a restaurant in Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia chased Toni, who is also a very well known actor. All because he made comments about the high prices of the food and even how slow their service was.

After making the comments, Toni didn't get the chance to order food from there, when the couple got angry and started chasing him with the cleaver. He tried to run from them because at one point, and you can see it got horrifying when the woman with the ax tried to hit him with it. Well, this video will make you think twice when you order something at a Chinese restaurant.

Toni wanted to give his side of the story because there was a lot of fuss what really happened at the restaurant also there were rumors that the fight between him and the Chinese couple was because he didn't want to pay the bill.

“ I am a public figure and I have nothing to hide about what happened in the so-called Chinese restaurant. I really do not know who gave them work permits to those people. I lived in New York, and I also worked in Tokyo, and I know exactly what the prices are, but also the service in Chinese restaurants." says Toni.

He also explains that when they told him that he needs to wait for his food, as a customer, he noted that is too much waiting especially for a place that sells fast food and that the prices are really high for that kind of food, so he decided not to order from there and just leave.

Because of those comments, the employees who are also the owners of the Chinese restaurant got offended by those comments and started verbally attacking Toni. And after that, physically trying to hurt him, as you can see on the video. Scary, isn't it?

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