Fart Neutralizing Underwear Pads

Published July 15, 2019 563,614 Views

Rumble Do you fart a lot? Has it become an actual problem that it is affecting not only you but your loved ones, coworkers, and basically everyone around you? Well, now you don't have to worry about that, because Flat-D Innovations, is here to save your life and your undies. The solution to all your problems and possibly a great gift idea for that person who always seems to pass gas.

The American manufacturer is known for its flatulence odor control products that have helped millions around the world. Which is why they have created the Flatulence Deodorizer which is a thin cloth, similar to charcoal underwear, or flatulence (fart) filters, that stop the bad odors. The best part about this is that they are absolutely doctor recommended and can be used by those who suffer from lactose intolerance, gastric bypass, irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac, and Crohn's's Disease. It can also help those who just eat a lot of Brussels sprouts or attend their annual Chili cook-off because we all know that sometimes all that spice causes that smelly gas.

The fart pads, which can also be the perfect gag gift, are taped inside of your underwear with adhesive strips. The activated carbon charcoal pads are disposable so you can throw them away after you use them. Plus, these flatulence deodorizer underwear pads are completely discreet because they are thin, soft, and comfortable inside your undies. When your fart is expelled, the flatulence filter pad absorbs the gas odor. So yes, goodbye smelly farts. Feel free to live your life and enjoy the feeling of farting out in public at no cost.

Flat D has products for women and men that come in various sizes and for various uses, so pretty much anyone who has a bad fart problem can take advantage of the product. The best part about them is that they only cost $33 dollars on Amazon, and are highly recommended through the customer reviews. So, feel free to know that you are buying a best seller. Can someone invent something for those who forget to wear deodorant, now?

Goodbye smelly farts!

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